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    How To donate Even im Survivor

    Sir Can ia ask A wquestion How Can i donate Even im a Survivor
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    Discord ban

    Let Other People or Player decide
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    Unbanned Our IP Address Bob7l

    Ingame-name:PEXN Banned by:bob7l Agree with ban (Yes/No):No Unban reason: We are not all player are cheaters Only Few Player are Cheaters
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    unbanned ros_MALAKAS

    Sir bob Plss nevermind ber7l Just unbanned ros_MALAKAS plss
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    unbanned ros_MALAKAS

    Sir im begging you Plss unbanned ros_MALAKAS never Mind ber7l Plss unbanned ros_MALAKAS
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    unbanned ros_MALAKAS

    Sorry but even one of those two player can be unbanned plss
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    unbanned ros_MALAKAS

    They are my team
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    unbanned ros_MALAKAS

    Sir plss unbanned it is his first time to play Rust V2 and It is The Only acc
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    unbanned ros_MALAKAS

    Ingame-name: ros_MALAKAS Banned by:YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): yes To less Cheaters hacker in Rust V2 Unban reason: hes Just removing grief in his Base
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    Please Sir Bob7l Unbanned Me Plss Its My only acc

    Ingame-name: PEXN Banned by: CONSOLE Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes To less the Cheaters and hackers At Rust V2 Unban reason: I'm Just Crouching because SanPanda is Dropping Op Items