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  1. FratboiNik1

    Discord Mute Appeal #REFORMED

    i never said n word,i may be toxic and i admit it,u should chill off and stop harrasing "teenagers"
  2. FratboiNik1

    @ElementalFox1 nego sta,malo i Devito

    @ElementalFox1 nego sta,malo i Devito
  3. FratboiNik1

    Discord Mute Appeal #REFORMED

    i dont respect rasicm at all,but if u are really muted for 1 year,u should get that second chance,so +1
  4. FratboiNik1

    Discord ban

    stop ddosing people and doxing them also,then talk to me
  5. FratboiNik1

    Discord ban

    -1 racists dont deserve a second chance
  6. FratboiNik1


    +1,everyone deserves second chance no matter what
  7. FratboiNik1

    Mb client

    Imagine replying after 10 days
  8. FratboiNik1


    how is the clip showing that hes hacking? +1
  9. FratboiNik1

    FFS Appeal 2/10/2021

    ajde ne kaki po forum ceo dan nego se vracaj da igras rustv2
  10. FratboiNik1

    Email recovery

    please stop embarrasing yourself,u look like a clown everywhere
  11. FratboiNik1


    -1 u guys still use x-ray on labymod lol
  12. FratboiNik1

    FFS Appeal 2/10/2021

    +1,nothing more
  13. FratboiNik1

    Email recovery

    if u gave email recovery to sqittles,the guy who leaked this mans password,i think he deserves the email recovery too so +1
  14. FratboiNik1

    wtf fals

    every day u get banned from the console,-1 and stay banned,alot suspitious
  15. FratboiNik1

    wphalcoops clearly using reach

    r racist again wtf?
  16. FratboiNik1

    Discord unban

    and u doxed my personal videos again -1 and i hope u stay banned
  17. FratboiNik1

    Discord unban

    what about zLightArcher LOOL
  18. FratboiNik1

    Discord unban

    -1 discord doesnt need more racists and doxers like you are,why would youssof unban you,u leaked passwords and other players faces and u got banned twice lol
  19. FratboiNik1

    Banned while mining

    +1 unban this man cannot wait longer for 5 minutes for answer FratboiNik