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    Minecorner using huzuni

    Your in-game name: MarianxD Offender: Minecorner What happened?: He made a yt video and the thumbnail is a screen with huzuni When did this happen?: 11/11.2020 Anything else we should know?: No Proof:
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    I wanted tu buy unban pass but this pops up

    IGN: MarianxD when i wanted to pay this red box pops up
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    Unban MarianxD

    Ingame-name: MarianxD Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes Unban reason: Im really sorry for cheating i deleted my cheats aleready and installed Minebuilders client i can show proof that i deleted my cheats Ban Message: +W: Witnessed by staff +MODBOT: Anticheat proof
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    Refund or pass recovery

    Im waiting over a half year for my pass recovery, and thats why i want a pass recovery or refund.
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    N word

    Your in-game name: _GamereQ_ Offender: JustSkilz_NL What happened?: N word When did this happen?: few minutes ago Anything else we should know?: no Proof:
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    Usable on: doors (Iron doors too) Crafting: 3 explosives and 2 fuel 4 satchles for 1 iron door. 2 satchles for wooden door.
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    Wating half year fo pass recovery

    I messaged bob so much times and nothing happened i forgot even my pass for the main acc on forums
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    Bob please

    I sended you pass recovery about 5 times with no response plz
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    Can i download the server textures

    Can i download them because it takes years to load it plz
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    Im waiting 2 FUCKING WEEKS

    Bob i sended you password recovery 2 weeks ago and right now again and you don't even look at it! I gave everything what you need for it and you did nothing! You serious? I got response from Yousoff after 30 minutes do Bob even look at the forums?
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    Add paysafecard in shop

    Bob/Youssof It were so nice if u gonna add PaySafeCard option in shop it were better for some players like my fiend
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    I can't change my password

    Ingame-name:MarianxD I can't change my pass and my friend is comming to my acc and stole my items plz help Contact me od Discord MarianxD#8670
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    Some guys biulded on my Terrain and i can't destroy them My name: MarianxD

    Could u bob/Yousuf destroy this plz
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    Unban me plz i never do this again name:MarianxD

    NEVER Gonna do this again plzzz name MarianxD