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    your not getting unbanned and you didnt pay for your ranks so how are you refunding?
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    Unban ip but not babystoeltje account

    you refunded even tho me and stino told you you were getting perma ip banned. and you made bob lose alot of time. time he needs to pack hes shit and move out of america
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    bob said : join quest room with a alt. you joined with a alt verivied yourself so that you could rejoin the discord and talk to everyone and send ip trackers agian not the same
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    Unban briittxworld

    shoulnt of griefed me last wipe retard
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    Unban EdilsinDelas

    so big hacker
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    Discord unban

    this men only sex 2 gay why him banned?
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    youssof ubanned you already wtf?
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    Hoping for the unban.

    you lost some kind of bet or something? gotta make 2 ban appeals a day ?
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    you got away with bugabusing
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    Ok last chance I wish you could help me.
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    Hey. (dc unban)

    its not from the mb discord but that doesnt mean its not racist does it?
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    Unban Appeal steady 141 ping bit weird dont you think?
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    ban appeal PvpToWin

    same shit? the guy used all kind of weird clients went on vpns to get back on the server to scam ppl
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    ban appeal PvpToWin

    Ingame-namePvpToWin/ SleepAtNight Banned by: youssof Agree with ban (Yes/No): yes Unban reason: So to start off with i didnt use any kind of 'real' hacks i was on huzuni on my alt not for killaura or nametags but for the 40-60 diffrence in ping so i could play like a 'normal' player agian...
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    Unban appeal
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    so why did you keep this proof for a few weeks ? why didnt you just report him the second you got it
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    Unban appeal

    where you using the l8?