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    Ban appeal

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    Fix anti cheat, please.

    Ingame-name: ChimasRJ Banned by: CONSOLE (PLEASE FIX ANTI CHEAT) Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: Is it not possible that simply by bending over and eating my friend (in the game), and the console banned me?, Please review the prohibition. (In my previous report, the same thing happened...
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    Do not save it, just look for the photos that were already in the group, and I uploaded it because the boy entered my account to rob me and ban me. Also, tell me if you had a team that is using these kinds of tricks and he has built the base where you live, what do you do? I think you understand...
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    Your in-game name: ChimasRJ Offender: El_TonyJC What happened?: Hello, this is the leader of my faction, the photos you see there, I extracted them from conversations with him and groups (This does not mean that as part of his faction, I use those things) as you can see in the images, you can...
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    Ingame-name: ChimasRJ Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: Very well, this prohibition is false I did not want it, my account had a colleague of mine from my faction I gave it to him to connect so that part of the base is not deleted, but there were problems and I...
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    Hack In Server Nick: El_CrotoGG

    jajajaj eso mismo Soolt.
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    Hahaha, as you love to lie, at no time was I walking on my roof and they never looked at me, I have the full video and I can affirm that at no time did they see me, accept it.
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    Lie, do you really have a face to say it's not obvious? In the video it is seen when I look from one side to the other that there is nothing and no reason to go where I am, please, you tried to pretend when you approached.
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    Your in-game name: ChimasRJ Offender: BrowX What happened?: Well, this would be the second part of the other video to make sure that yes, they definitely use x ray (hacks), as you can see in the video it was full gillet, and they go up and go straight to where I am. (BrowX was the first to come)...
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    Your in-game name: ChimasRJ Offender: victorpb51 What happened?: Well, as you can see in the video, I was full gillet and I tried to hide behind the wall and the user victorpb51 approached as seen in the video, it is not the first time that it is clear that he uses hacks. When did this happen...
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    i use laby mod and minecraft default, i report other ban false.
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    Ingame-name: ChimasRJ Banned by: Console Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: Good, as I always told you the same thing with the anti-hack of the console, for banned things it bans you, in this case I ban myself for trying to get my helicopter into the water, other times I ban myself for...
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    Ingame-name: ChimasRJ Banned by: CONSOLE Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: Hello, I ask that you disband me please, since I did nothing wrong, I do not have any hack, just walk and use the X of labymod is the launcher that I use that is for gestures, and I ban. And it is not the first...
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    and too not spawn more bandit dungeons...
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    yes please bob or yousoft remove blocks he The_Spartacus grief bandit
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    wtf you have a problem youssof

    control your language
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    wtf you have a problem youssof

    you deleted the hack it's clear ..
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    Your in-game name: ChimasRJ Offender: Anjoo_YT What happened?: Good, as seen in the following video Mr. Anjoo_YT knew where I was, without him seeing me because it is impossible, before I shot the video before he killed me inside the small mine there when I was shifting so I started recording...
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    Youssof ! please

    Well, without disturbing Youssof, in the report submitted by my "ChimasRJ" In addition to the ban to VAPEVAPEVAPEVAPE, I ask you to check the video well, because the two types are complicit in...
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    Your in-game name: ChimasRJ Offender: Alpha21X, Roaving and VAPEVAPEVAPEVAPE What happened: As you can see in the video, I was Gillet and the three guys came from nowhere where I was and they killed me. (X RAY) When did this happen: 26/10/2019 Anything else we should know: I was Gillet, there...