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    False banned 24 hours

    Ingame-name: Monstro1 Banned by: Console Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: Was just riding a hovercraft to go behind enemy and i get out and start shooting p90 then l8 and got banned was using labymod idh any cheats dowloaded l8 recoil reason of ban?
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    Ingame-name: Monstro1 Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes Unban reason: Racism (N-WORD) Sorry for being racist i was just mad because i died multiple times in a row to some guys and i have learned from this and i wont be racist from now on. I understand that i did wrong for being...
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    xKacpeqR report ANTIKB

    Your in-game name: Monstro1 Offender: xKacpeqR What happened?: Kid cant play legit bc he sucks (toggling antikb) When did this happen?: 19.8.2020 Anything else we should know?: ip ban this retarded kid Proof:
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    bacafaca123 hack video ban him

    Your in-game name: Monstro1 Offender: bacafaca123 What happened?: he tried to record tutorial video to youtube but he didnt have good video editor and he gave up but i have hes video and i uploaded it and u can see how he hacking with huzuni When did this happen?: 2 weeks ago Anything else we...