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    Compromised Account

    Ingame-name: xXDanielCZEXx Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): no Unban reason: after a long time i want to connect to the server and it gave me a ban for the compromised account can i ask unban?
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    Compromised Account

    Hello after a long time I want to join and it wrote me: You have been banned! By : YoussofHD Reason: Compromised Account Appeal at:
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    Compromised Account

    hello, after a long time I wanted to play minecraft rust and when I want to join it he will write it to me Compromised Account I sent data to a friend and I wrote it on the forum his name but I got it anyway
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    Unban please my friend

    Hello, my friend got unreasonably ban on him complaints that he has hacks, etc. but he has no hacks just can do it well I know that he knows because I play with him for 3 years and never had hacks please for a quick reply He would very much like to play with me, but I had an accident and then I...