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    Ingame-name: XLT Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes Unban reason: Hacking +RAC Hello I was banned like 2-3 years ago, I would like to formally appeal my ban. I understand that upon being found guilty of breaking the server rules, I have been banned from the server. I apologize for...
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    Remove your balls and code yourself a own Minecraft Game
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    Donor Tag

    Hi Mods I am avancer , actually i was waiting for my Donor Tag here since 2019 and now its 2023 so can i get it ?
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    VoltageX Pls unban Sorry

    Use proper format Ingame-name: Banned by: Agree with ban (Yes/No): Unban reason:
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    Closed. Thank you
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    Ingame-name: CrimeLord Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): Agree Unban reason: Hacking +V Im so sorry for what i've did first i see that guy infront of my house yes im using Huzuni Client on that time because they are so annoying Im so sorry i want to get unban because it is the start...
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    Griefing Inside my base

    Your in-game name: CrimeLord Offender: Angarals What happened?: He was greifing inside my spot idk why he doing this ? i think he annoy cause i was always targetting him time of Eotw Kits he was madddd When did this happen?: 2nd Day After wipe Anything else we should know?: Angarals Always...
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    Ban appeal zLightArcher

    +1 RAC Anti Cheat Sucks
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    Unban appeal

    Yikes Real one Probably Youssof This was the real legendesohn he msged me on Facebook for asking me unban for 10$ but I got nothing for now so I tell him try to appeal youssof he shared his account to a friend last time named IRektYouHard you can check his IP I think he shared last 2019 year bc...
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    Why the owner dont respond on my private msg in here !!!!!

    It wasnt a report :<
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    False Ban

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    Ingame-name: CrimeLord Banned by: Console Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: RAC Actually Im Just shooting a gun and accidentally get lag and idk it wasnt my internet connection because i just get kicked for cause RAC and Ilegal hack idk what console means but i know its false ban...
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    Proper format
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    sorry ;(

    -1 you still keep doing it
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    Sell Accounts for Real money ? Bannable ?

    Your in-game name: CrimeLord Offender: HideAndDie , xRadicalz , HRM What happened?: Selling accounts though using MB Site on Facebook When did this happen?: March 3 2020 Anything else we should know?: Visit the MB Site on Facebook So you can see what they are doing Personal Deals Proof...
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    +1 Dvasinikas
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    Dojocat one of the best man at doing Racist 2nd of zLightArcher Probably
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    False Ban

    Ingame-name: CrimeLord Banned by: Console Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: I Am Editing my shitty Options cause my Smoke animation was [ON] i wanna turn it off i accidentally Click Minimap Levels and keep clicking anywhere when it lag then when its done i get kicked for RAC what's the...
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    Unlock Cerbrus

    +1 Baby Cerb