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  1. David


    0:30 isnt enough?? i will upload to full vid today
  2. David


    Your in-game name:elisey124s Offender:yFugoPVP What happened?: he use killaura and anti kb When did this happen?:2021-06-07 16:03:07 East Africa Time Nairobi (GMT+3) Anything else we should know: i showed my items on the beggning of the duel i want to get them back at least those which are...
  3. David

    Rebalance Rust V2

    I wanted to share my opinion about few issues with V2 that reduces combat on wild... and the raids are ussless and boring Im a veteran player and in the past i remember c4's and op gear used to be alot less rare... you cloud get c4's by just killing zombies and wolf zombies in the rad town back...
  4. David

    anti kb? in rust v2?

    hello FFS i dont know the players you did report... but as i can say Rust V2 doesnt use AAC rust v2 uses RAC Rust Anti cheat now even if by your theory that i bans/kick after 5 flags just letting you know RAC never does false flags and if it does thats really rare. an anti-kb is pretty much...
  5. David

    alts and killaura?

    as youssof says thats definitely cheating. so why the anticheat didnt ban instantly the player? why would the cheater dont mark is friend in as ally on his hacked client? seems like homur and false bans as always the anticheat flags killaura's really quickly and bans them... thats harlious how...
  6. David

    anti kb? in rust v2?

    so this is an report i have seen that been appealed without any proof and now lets get staright to the point the ph player FFS c,laims that other players abuse anti-kb if you wonder what is antikb its basicly no knockback but wait without any prooves and we if the anticheat (175$ anticheat i...
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  8. David

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  9. David

    ban appeal.

    true but i have bagout an unban pass for elisey124s which was banned because of zyrtic... i do understand that +SS screenshot +V video... but thanks anyway!
  10. David

    ban appeal.

    Ingame-name:elisey124s,zyrtic Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: elisey124s have been banned for autoclicker. i have never used any 3rd program to cheat in game, before joining the game and seen the ban screen i have seen that i cannot join because im already...
  11. David

    Hacker FlexTapee

    dude by your history im amazed how you are still not banned when you offer youssof to unban you for list hacker because your ttk or some bullshit like that
  12. David

    Sir.YoussofHD Bring back your Event! It can help a lot of player who win on it ! :D

    +1 wtf i think youssof this days too lazy to do it
  13. David

    like im just bored and ill post it here

    i think only youssof has a problem with him same as with me he get the money i pay for unbans for sure
  14. David

    Demote YoussofHD

    lmao its made in 2020 and half of the list quit years ago
  15. David

    nlp scammer

    discord doesnt count as a proof :(
  16. David


    technical problems... probbably
  17. David

    Someone Know's My Account ign:UltraMisTake

    guess what im either banned but not ip-banned you can play from alts and its allowed by server rules. but what about your account you most ban appeal if it has a rank ah dont expect to get unbanned soon.
  18. David

    I bought by accident a rank i was supposed to buy on a voucher

    contact bob on discord bob time zone GMT-7‎) california. you wont get banned its not automated anymore... if it would work like that it was a huge exploit to ban people... and you have the right to refund since you didnt get your good digit you dont have to contact bob about that just refund...
  19. David

    Old map

    its been 2 years and now the map is back!
  20. David

    I bought by accident a rank i was supposed to buy on a voucher

    thats the wrong place fool contact the staff members in the discord server... it will take less time! btw you can refund without asking bob but you most win the case. since you didnt get the virtual digit anyway as you say so you have the right to get your money back in case if you dont get the...