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    Console ban

    Ingame-name:JamesXD100 Banned by:Console Agree with ban (Yes/No):No Unban reason: I'am disconet with alt + tab and i'am back for pc i see BANNED.
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    Why i banned in trio server?

    Ingame-name:neqalol Banned by:YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No):No Unban reason: I joined the server today I saw that I was banned but I don't remember abusing anything answer me this youssofhd
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    Unban Discord

    Discord-name:SLA?#9203 Banned by:Youssof Agree with ban (Yes/No):No Unban reason: I had clicked on a link and they took my discord and sent a link to youssof and for that reason I was banned from discord Note: I will not click on any other suspicious links again