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    dead server fyi bobs bald

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    bob is retarded and so are v2 players here is proof

    Ingame-name:jebaited Banned by:MODBOT Agree with ban (Yes/No):no Unban reason:
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    discord bann

    Ingame-name:Je_ss_e Banned by:youssof Agree with ban (Yes/No):no Unban reason: this is just a way to see wahts going on he said it was closed but i have no way to contact bob or youssof without the dc forsept forums cause none of u care about dms sept youssof once in a blue moon he said we could...
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    discord bann

    Ingame-name:Je_ss_e Banned by:Youssof Agree with ban (Yes/No):no Unban reason:i dont deserve it im constanlly harrased by some racist fuck im constantly told to kill my self by other members in this server and discord but a kid calling me a muslim nigger and a terriost i legit said he was a bald...
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    another false bann from zombie key

    Ingame-name:Je_ss_E Banned by:console Agree with ban (Yes/No):n o p e Unban reason: banned unfairly by console while on mb client 2nd time idk my flicks to good ???
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    bvnny using anti kb in duels (says its a bug he abused not hacks )

    Your in-game name:Je_ss_e Offender:Bvnny-Stino36 What happened?:kid anti kbed hard When did this happen?:monday around 1pm Anything else we should know?:hes a rat Proof:
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    banned messing around in heli

    Ingame-name:je_ss_e Banned by:console aka dollar tree wannabe bann hammer Agree with ban (Yes/No):no Unban reason:i wast hacking im messing around smacking everyone in my heli as i do and i turn on high dpi on accident which is like 10 sens to 50 i guess butt i then get banned cause i was...
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    l8 false bann

    Ingame-name:Je_ss_e Banned by:shitty console Agree with ban (Yes/No):fak no Unban reason: i didt hack and l8 is bugged im shitting on ohoin in a duel on his alt causes he a ping spoofin rat and we are on the cliff i zoom l8 back in forth tryin to hit him while im reloading and then i start to...
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    benneb10 being racist in discord

    Your in-game name:Je_ss_e Offender:Benneb10 on Housen What happened?:racist When did this happen?:just now Anything else we should know?: Proof:
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    JwJr hack client not allowed

    Your in-game name:Je_ss_e Offender:JWJr could be on a alt What happened?:he ss hack client When did this happen?:now Anything else we should know?:bann him Proof:
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    wxw phase hacking

    Your in-game name:Je_ss_e Offender:wxw55123 What happened?:phases thru door When did this happen?: Anything else we should know?:there is no way for him to be legit doors push u out u cant be half way in the doors and he also was running and jumping up and down Proof:
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    starting to get ridiculous

    Your in-game name:je_ss_e Offender:zlightarcher bitch ass What happened?:kid being a litearl pedo When did this happen?:every fucking day Anything else we should know?: every time i get on these kids say i rape little girls creampie them and litearly gay shit and rapist tpype behaviour i call...
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    grief still not rmed

    Your in-game name:Je_ss_e Offender:_Xeno_YT What happened?:i didt have enough for walls at the time he built above my house covering my roof and now i cant make a roof or he can rm When did this happen: around monday Anything else we should know?:ive reported it 5 times still not rm Proof:
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    IINoobII_Patty hacking esp/nametags

    Your in-game name:Je_ss_e Offender:IINoobII_Patty What happened?:kid esp me When did this happen?:11/20 Anything else we should know?:been suspicous of him for a while finally got a rec that looks decent of him Proof:
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    chest mod

    Ingame-name:je_ss_e Banned by:youssof Agree with ban (Yes/No):yes Unban reason: wont use chest mods store/steal again will only play on mb client or vanilla would like to contuine playing
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    scammer with alt

    Your in-game name:je_ss_e Offender:itzyaboymack What happened?:kid pretended to be itzyahboymack When did this happen?:9/25/19 9:20 Anything else we should know?:ip bann plz ? Proof:
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    trash can bug ?

    Ingame-name:je_ss_E Banned by:console Agree with ban (Yes/No):no Unban reason: got raided by hacker (frcksir) and i shift left clcik shit in trash after killing all the fucking rats he tpasing in and i get banned
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    Your in-game name: je_ss_e Offender: eSuryaOP What happened?: store When did this happen?: now Anything else we should know?: Proof:
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    another one twice23

    Your in-game name: je_ss_e Offender: twice23 What happened?: alt store When did this happen?: now Anything else we should know?: Proof: